Not that anyone is thrilled about the spotify invention..

February 10, 2010

“Record company Warner breaks cooperation with free, streamed music services. Swedish Spotify is in the firing line.”
Seriously, no shit sherlock. The Spotify isnt that great as it stands today, no. We need far more than Spotify to get this new ERA rollin’

“The notice will then music company found that free online music hinders rather than helps the music industry’s ability to make money in the future. Instead, Warner to focus on services that require payment for use, such as Apple’s iTunes.”

It does not hinder tho, it rather helps to look for new music. But no it doesn’t provide in a good scale, what’s needed is a “free to test edition” I want to know what pig i buy, ok. 85% of the songs on a regular album in general SUCK. I would like to buy the good ones, for a reasonable price. That does not exist yet and they do not want it to exist. The big asses need to agreed with the buyers on a okey price.

Personally i hate itunes… hate hate hate, its sucks and slightly even more suck than just suck but i do not recall a word for it. Tho then again I do not like i-anything.

Swedish Spotify and services Last.fm likely to be influenced by the news, says BBC News.

I think free stream of music is good tho, i would like to pay for a good product like that. If it wasn’t bound to crap. Give me a open-source option and then you reduce the amount of dollars on it, since hey if you didn’t notice it yet this is online. Music labels should sell their artists on their own site, to reduce the cost for a first. Not 20 middle man who wants some hands on the cash i rather send to an artist who gives me their account number. Then focus on good online-marketing, have “test groups” and let them review. But yeah again, i would like 1 single number to send cash directly to band. So they can use that money to get a bus and go on a tour and earn some cash and i can see them LIVE!

When the decision will take effect is unclear, as are the means that Warner will remove all music from services Spotify, just stop the new songs from the published or let the music exist in the pay version of such Spotify.

And yeah.. stop sleeping with Microsoft.. They do not like to improve their products, they just want to get paid for tacky bad scripted things that rarely work and will cause your poor system to die from worms and whatnot.

I could imagine that spotify would work, if i could listen to music for a smaller amount a month and have it everywhere. In my phone, in my i-pod i forgot where i put it, but yeah in any mp3-player. (and no online phone cost to run it) The music i get i want to be able to use in my blog to enhance the mode, things like that would be nice. Will that happen and actually work properly then i would consider to spend about 5E a month on it or something.

I still even buy CD’s, if their special and over 90% of the songs are good not some crappy hux flux-put-together to earn dollas…

Im bitter, why don’t they see.. They can’t choose for me to like what stream on radio, they can not say i have to love BSB-comeback-music because it’s a celeb and on dope..  Oh yeah “they all quit”. I dunno I dun care, i just want to pay for good music, if i know the money is getting where its suppose to.


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