WTF European Parliament -.-

February 10, 2010

WTF European Parliament -.-

“Om vi inte hade haft det här avtalet så hade ju USA skaffat data ändå, och då hade det varit olagligt..””
belive in the right translation for what the Swede just said there would be.

“If we do not agree to this the U.S. would just steal the information and that way it would be illegal”

So the U.S. is just entitled to do whatever they feel like because you/we want to be their “friend”. Would you do the same to Russia I wonder?
Would Swedish and European parliament give out information to Russia at any time if they would “demand” us to?

The Swift agreement is a joke, Sweden is becoming a joke.
We do not accept war, but of course if the U.S. want war and we’ll help them!

It is at moments like this that I wish we had a Olof Palme!, Our politicians are not supose to whore itself with any lobbyists they can find…but just say from the heart what the hell they believe in, without lying, without inventing

Blue, red, green… Same lane! Same street! Fighting for the same thing with different words, making future life in this country obnoxious.

I’ll say we divide Sweden, the idiots can live in Stockholm, We get our free space and our own life in North..  Like any of the politicians will live here as soon as they have retired LOL! They will move somewhere cheap where they can live in luxury and not being forced to be stalked, owned and looked at like you sold your soul.

In a few years I wont be able to be proud to be Swedish, wont be able to love my country that sees me as a criminal even if I haven’t done anything.

Anyhow, do anyone have a suggestion to where we all can move when they fked this place up completely?

I do not want to know what the EU decides this time, I do not want to see the future of this madness. I feel horrible that someone actually voted for these idiots.

We should make an pirate island, free from stalking, free from U.S forced control. With the same love and standards we used to have in Sweden.

Tomorrow Thursday, the EU parliament will vote on Swift Agreement with the United States. Will there be a yes in the House, it means a green light to give the U.S. access to our banking operations in order to “find terrorists.”

I wonder how many terrorists there can be really, as I see it its mainly an invention to declare war. That’s why CIA have so much secrets about what actually happen 9/11… It’s just the way they run this these days, lets fake it and blame someone Wohoo..

Well ill go back to my laundry, that’s my life.

I hope the pirates gets their vocals up and yell some, they really can’t make a stupid decision like this.


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