Best Lily Allen song !

March 10, 2010

Just had to post it!

Anyway, whats up? I’v been doin laundry after a bad wakeup day, tomorry imma go work for a nice couple of hours. Got some intels of my CV from Pressbyrån my solution will be to make 2 types of of my CV. One plain where i got a few places on, easy to read and pretty dull and then one in a more styleish copy with more exp written down directed to Event Producein’ that one will come in both Pdf and powerpoint so it will be a easy to look at tho its quite massive path of text.

Hopefully i get my head together and fix atleast one part of it this weekend, and also fix the vids up from House of Metal festival. Anywho its time for facebooking and then send some love to my hun and sleep on the sofa.

Btw, you will have to wait a bit for a nicer header and such i think Toby is up to it, but we’ll see when he gets the time to feel like its finished 😛

I am also fixin’ one of those google bars so you easily can choose what language you want the blog in, since i do not always talk to my self in english.

Well, laters //Nattie


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