New’s and half of my spotify.

March 25, 2010

Im so bored that i figured ill blog some, since im not that much into bloggin it might be good for ya to get an update.

Well, what to say.. Or well whats news that i havn’t said here -.- I am 2nd candidate on the Pirate Party’s list for my county. That’s cool i guess, im more eager to get into the “riksdag” tho or well that the pirate party gets into the council. All over the world, i hope..

My old phone still not working, my therapist still not answering her phone, my littelest sis (“mongo-pajas fruit” kid) is sick and iv been watching her some. My hun still doin his diploma/certificates jobs thingy thing on Ericsson. Annoying me that he is so much smarter than me, he know math and stuff >.< BLEH

Yeah, i just DLed tha ACTA-agreement imma read it later. I also got some dineros, thats nice for a change, my papers are almost where they should be and i think i might still know my name.

My CV is done, it’s cute. Tought i should upload it here but im really not sure how to do that. An yeah havn’t translated one yet so you would get the swedish version. But i made it in 3 additional format PDF, powerpoint and ofc openoffice-impress! So if you got any idéa how to get it uploaded on the blog without useing a scanner page me down and fix it pls.

Now i just need a colour printer, good paper and nice thingys to attach so its more like an document that they might want to save for later. Im mainly looking for serious event jobs, shop assistant or something completly new that i have to learn it from ground. I’m not bound to any, economics would be nice to work a litte more with.

Yeah, reason why i started to type this blog were that i tought ill share my playlists with ya. I have no clue if this is going to work like it should but ill try. They still a bit unsorted. |Lovesongs| ….. |Emo/Metal/Punk/Rock| (yeah i know i need to stop mixing them all up in same, their not nearly same styles haha) |90’s| is one of my fav party musics. |Reaggaton/spanish| <–this one i really need help with, it’s so hard to find music like that around here, not like it was in spain 😦 |Trance/HH/Hardstyle| iv found it sooo hard to find this type of music on Spotify. All there is to find is the “known” like tïesto and he isnt my kind of deal.

So if you got any suggestions to my spotify list, tell me in what list and what you suggest to make it easier.

If you got suggestions about what i should blog about, you can just leave a comment. Question are an easy way to get an answer..

Oooh i forgot to mention that ppl claims im that bunny thingy that leaves eggs for easter >.< just because i didn’t get an egg when my friends did. I think someone stole my egg 😦 iv been nice and deserve an egg.  I’m just thinkin’ of they horrible youtube bunny with sharp teeths that looks like its gonna eat ya! aaw -.- now i scared myself with that tought and imma hide until the evil bunny picture gone away!


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