past week

April 27, 2010

The Annual Meeting of the Pirateparty Sweden has ended, no more votes no more to keep track on. Was a lil bit hard to follow the votes since u had to log on and vote specific days, but atleast all of us have the right to vote. Not just elected sob’s get to vote in our team.

I’m lacking inspiration, atm i got me and me wanting to do advertising and fun campaign things. Most the others sounds like uhmfp, now, when, i don’t know, is it good, do i have to?  So now i don’t feel like sorting it up. If they feel like it i bring the material and well rock it..

Yeah the ACTA is getting more out there, ppl been reading all of these pages of laws that these companies apparently are allowed to make up. Alot of ppl is kind-of making a shorter version and pointing out the more easy to understand part for the rest of the world. If you find any interesting links about the ACTA you can post it in my comment. Myself i don’t feel like writing it all down since everyone else is doing that.

I actually just came here to post the master of my youtube Gradual Report!

I also found some gay dude in a really hyper mode talking about his fear of birds, he might be even more confused than me when he explain things. SOOOO funny.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fozE1xdsorY


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