~I think, therefore I must be Pirate Partist~

April 28, 2010

Hmm, trying to figure out this html thingy -.- I want a header, but i also want the text ~I think, therefore I must be Pirate Partist~ as some type of caption. And then i want a PP logo, but not a ugly one.. and then i want a “vote for me” logo and a picture of me 🙂 and then i want a direct link on my sidebar to vote vote for pirate, so everyone can listen if they want.

And then i want a housewife, or be one that gets her own credit card. And then i want to be a pokerstar, I also want to be famous but not famous. I want us to win the election for the sake of mankind’s right to exist and not visually exist and get stalked. I want the world to know the things i choose to expose not the things lobbyist wants to stalk, just to stalk.

I wish the world could live happily ever after, tho we are not built that way. But at least i wish everyone to try. I want peace to be obvious for everyone, there is no such thing as a “mercy war”. I want USA to see other countries as equal and not try to decide over the head of other living beings.

I want more pirates to come to my PP-fika’s.

I wish IKEA would have top leading working conditions tho its cheap to buy their thingys. I wish alcohol wasnt so expencive, for non alcoholics. And diet wasn’t so hard to maintain cheap. I hope that all E600 (monosodium glutamate) will soon be forbidden. I wish that li’tterae pate’ntes, (open letters) or well patent were just open letters and worked for the small man with an idea, instead of helping big label companies to maintain secrets on the market. affecting the millions of ppl who got diseases and allergy from getting their treatment, since they then don’t need to actually gain in progress to get the money. I also sometimes wish them to die for cheating on their reports, paying of doctors to make good reviews, paying anyone they need to launch a pill on the market. No concern to that ppl might die, no concern that their customers might get more ill.. Only goal is to get the cash and run away. 

I dream of a day when companies work for customers to deliver, I dream of people that think outside the box and read between  the lines, I dream about people’s development to become smart and see the truth of everything in this world.

I dream of that, so we all can change this world.

Change is not a wish, it is a must.


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