This is why i have no respect for americans.

April 29, 2010

Specially not their army, it’s not ok to take thirsty kids as a fun joke and play them around. Among many other things they have done against civilians. And for the ones i know is in the army and been in that fake-reason-war against “terrorists/civilians”, what they told me were the common and their hatred they learn to express by fellow soldiers and higher instances.. You can’t even imagine, they would not doubt to shoot a kid or just an Iroquoian for no reason but they being the “enemy”. Some of them even express happiness in killing anyone from Iraq.

But that’s just what my solider friends told me, one from Europe(1) and one form USA. Both saying same thing about what the American army, do, feel, think and express about the whole war and country. Iv even heard an ex UK soldier say, should just line them up and kill them all.  While the European(1) mentioned just feels horrible for all the things he have seen them do, he just want to help it get better.

Thanks Toby for the video link.


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