They say it’s bloglovin’ week

May 25, 2010

Yeah, for what iv figured out it is now we recommend the good blogs we read.

I don’t read that many blogs, im a bad blogger -.- but i can link you they few i do sometimes follow. yeah guess all of them will be in Swedish so use Google translate if your not from Sweden, some of them got it already installed on their pages.

My funniest friend Toby aka. Bögen seriously you will DIE! (hint a few post’s down they got a gay description about what a cunt IRL looks like)

My provocative friend Linda Don’t start her, she wont give up the onlinecatfighting.. 😀

My Alex blog, it’s known for being one of the worlds most bitter ones occasionally.

My Lil sisters blog.

My pirate friend Yamiko Panda, recommended her friend who has REALLY CUTE SEAL PICTURES!!!

Okey, this wasn’t my thing i don’t read blogs -.-


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